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We can achieve great things by focusing on outcomes for all the people in all communities. I am running to help make that possible.

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Moving North Carolina Forward

Welcome to the official website of Vernon Moore, Democratic candidate for the North Carolina Senate, District 10, representing the people of Duplin, Sampson and Johnston Counties in South Eastern North Carolina.

Vernon is a Warsaw, North Carolina, Duplin County native. Born in the family farm home his father built. His mother and father were also children of native farmers of the Warsaw, Magnolia community. They stress work and education to all their children as the path to a fulfilling life. Vernon was top of his class at P.E. Williams Elementary in Magnolia and E.E. Smith High School, Kenansville, North Carolina. He took the hard work and learning attitude with him first to NC A&T State University, Greensboro, NC and then the US Air Force where he served more than 22 years including a tour in Vietnam. His non-military experience includes work as a Financial Consultant, Registered Investment Advisor, Retail Sales and Development, Work Force Development and Community Organizing. I learned that people make things happen when they are Included, Empowered and Respected.

Historically, North Carolina is known for our friendly people, outstanding colleges. scenic country side, exceptional mountain vistas, welcoming piedmonts and pristine beaches. We must do every reasonable thing to ensure that what is appealing in our state remains so.

I am excited to see all the positives in North Carolina and I accept the challenge to help guide us toward fulfilling our potential by respecting and empowering our people. Our future has never been brighter nor the choices more numerous. We can achieve great things by focusing on outcomes for our people. We can do all this by electing a Democratic check on an out of control General Assembly. I am running to help make that possible.


We need to build and fund a first class public education system in North Carolina where we invest in our students expanding early childhood education programs. We must make it a priority to recruit, train and retain our teachers.


We must do our best for the health and safety of North Carolina’s people by expanding our people’s access to quality healthcare, and protecting our clean air and water, fighting the spread of communicable diseases and dangerous drugs. We must pass commonsense gun safety laws.


We are committed to building an economy that works for everyone by fighting for equal pay for equal work, rebuilding our infrastructure, ensuring worker get the pay and benefits they deserve and by increasing access to rural broadband.


We believe that North Carolina is better when we ensure that government is responsible to the people. As a Democrat that means building a better state by protecting the right to vote, passing independent redistricting, and standing for equal rights and protections for all.